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Welcome to my suite of digital business help, made especially for hair and beauty entrepreneurs like you.​

It all started with the original, 5 Figure Stylist eBook, this was a comprehensive book designed to get you started with becoming a freelancer.

That has now been updated to become The Ultimate Guide to Freelancing in the hair and beauty industry. 


It encompass everything you need to know around getting started and the foundations of building and maintaining your freelance business.

Its designed to be short, concise and easy to read. I've specifically edited the latest version to be even easier to understand with the aim of it helping the nuerodiverse amongst us be able to ge the knowledge we need in a way that won't confuse or overwhelm us. 


It covers the exciting and the boring - taxes anyone?

-Client building and social media

-Marketing and finances

-Time management and automations 

-and a whole lot more!


Basically everything you need to know to succeed and help make freelancing a little less daunting. 


But ultimately its there to really walk you throught the start up phase so that the Tax Man doesn't come knocking! and you can breeze into freelanceing with the enjoyment and excitement your looking for. 

Each accompanying eGuide is there to support you in different areas as you grow as a stylist and a business person or to simply help you get a deeper understanding in each area of your business.

I hope you find tremendous value in the content i deliver and the books and guides you read. 

If you are interested in working with me, please reach out through my social media channel 

Ruth xo

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