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I am so excited...

To welcome you to join the Hair & Beauty MBA Course 2023!

After spending almost two decades in this amazing industry yet, still seeing no sign of the colleges realising anytime soon how our industry has changed and the drastic need for someone to educate all these young women and girls on money, management and business; I decided to step forward and create something to provide all these aspiring business owners with the tools, knowledge and confidence they need to be able to step forwards and step into their higher selves and become the beautiful, bad ass business women they know I inside them.


The hair and beauty MBA course is for you if;

  • You're brand new to freelancing 

  • About to take the step to freelancing but you wanna launch your new career off on the right foot from the start

  • You're feeling stuck in your business currently and you feel like you're trying everything to grow but nothing seems to be working

  • You're constantly chasing after new clients from anywhere whilst being let down last minute by current clients.

  • You're just not earning what you thought you'd earn as a freelancer

  • You know you have everything right but you'd like the support and guidance of a coach and to belong to a group of like minded women who want to find peace amongst the chaos and bring some balance back

What you will learn...

There are 6 modules to this course that are delivered over 6 months. It is designed to take you into every aspect of building, running and managing your business for the long term. 

Business is no walk in the park, it takes hard work, commitment, grit and determination. But I can promise you that if you do the work, you will reap the truly amazing rewards that a career in hair or beauty has to offer. 

Over the 6 modules, we take you through conception, launch, Growth, Sustainability, You and the keys to continued success. 

You can get a free schedule of the course by clicking here to get your download.

Module 1-START UP

Module 2-LAUNCH

Module 3-GROWTH


Module 5-YOU


through these 6 main modules, you will be guided through brand building, how to use Ai, automation, economics, market demands, creating your own market and demands within it, marketing, human behaviour, pricing psychology and how to measure performance, taxes and accounting, sources of finance, budgeting, creating wealth building habits and much, much more. 

This is an MBA for the hair and beauty industry. 

You will learn all the basics too like client building, retention and how to price for profit. But I want to empower you with the nitty-gritty of business too so that you leave after 6 months knowing you have the knowledge and the confidence to grow even further and knowing that no matter what the actual economy is doing, your business has you and you'll now be able to not just survive, but THRIVE through anything that comes your way.

How will it be delivered?

You will be part of a very small closed community container group where you will all receive

  • weekly live group coaching sessions covering a specific topic with actionable work to be taken that week

  • you'll be part of a small messaging group so you can ask me or the group anything at any time. This helps keep you accountable and feel supported and empowered to follow through with your work

  • Workbooks accompany some of the topics to help you work through and guide you to finding your answers

  • Be welcomed to a private Facebook group forever where a growing community of freelancers and experts will be there for support, assistance and we will be hosting live events for you join too. 

When do we start?

Doors open officially on June 1st

The course starts on July 1st

with our first welcome call 

Weekly Live group sessions will be announced then 

Everything will always be recorded for you and saved if you can't make the live events

Your investment

To recap; this is what you are receiving...

6 Months of LIVE coaching sessions-that's 26 individual sessions! 

(WORTH £2,288)

A supportive group of female hair and beauty entrepreneurs 

Me on call for support 24/7 thought the 6 months 

(WORTH £9,100)

6 x 1-2-1 sessions each throughout the course  

(WORTH £528)

Over 6 workbooks to accompany your subjects

(WORTH £58.99)

A bonus surprise business box

(WORTH £99)



I am giving all this to you for just


that's a massive 40%

or a monthly investment of just


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